Meet up!!!

My learning process is going well. I assimilate stuff on a good pace I believe. My main obstacle would be the pronunciation I think. Now, I start studying grammar rules as well. some are a bit difficult to grasp. Also Koreans have many ways to say the exact same thing. It’s a bit confusing and a bit difficult at times but I still believe that Korean is not that difficult of a language for a foreigner to learn, compared to French for example. with a little good will, you can accomplish miracles! 🙂

Since I have only one Korean friend and I am a bit embarrassed to harass him every time I have a question, I’ve decided to look for Korean people and it happily happens that here in Montreal, there is a meet up group. Meet-ups surely is the best way to meet new people who share a same interest. you are sure that you won’t look weird in the eye of others.

What is a meet up? Well, obviously it’s a group where people actually meet, in person, on a regular basis. you can check out the Meet-up website, there are meet-up about pretty much anything, everywhere around the globe. You can register online and then attend the meet-up. The quality of the group is highly dependent of the organization team and the people who participate.

How the meetup works? from what I observed, the group I am a member of is mostly a Korean cultural and linguistic exchange group between people from Korea and people not from Korea but interested in the culture and/or the language, like myself! There are several kind of events but the one I am more interested in are the linguistic exchange sessions. During those, you divide in 3 or 4 groups depending on your level in Korean and then for 1 hour, you would speak Korean then you switch and the Koreans would be taught some English or French.

It is actually very fun. I really enjoy those meet-ups since the people are so open and friendly. It’s very interesting.  after attending a couple of meetups, I’ve realized that I need to listen to Korean a lot more that I actually do, just  to make it easy for me to distinguish the words. I have to train my ear and brain more. I think I’m gonna start to listen to anything  without subtitles  on  a regular basis. just like I did when I learned Portuguese, which i sadly mostly lost since :/ If you don’t practice a language, you surely loose it little by little…


의견을 남겨주세요!

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