Some difficulties…

I love learning Korean… This language is so interesting but i must admit I’m facing some difficulties. here’s a sample:

  • while reading i often take for and vice versa
  • sometimes, I don’t make the difference between and . actually, it’s only lately that I made the difference between and .
  • the “b”, “p” sounds is a nightmare for me to pronounce. I apparently am unable to differentiate and . i know that they exist but when I speak, they sound the same. try 바다, 아빠… :S and on top of that, to add to the confusion, sometimes Korean “m” sounds like a “b” (as a foreigner) and often leads me to miscomprehend…

The good thing in all this is that all native Korean people have met so far tell me my pronunciation is not bad for a foreigner so I’m very glad.
I think I need a lot of practice… I register for a Korean class this summer so hopefully, those will help… I will give you feedback in a few weeks…


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