tourist in Korea…

at a meetup event, we had the pleasure to get a presentation about Korea from different people among them the Reps of Korean Consulate, here in Montreal. it was so interesting… so now that i’m learning Korean, i definitely want to visit Korea… one doesn’t go without the other, right? so what’s interesting to visit??? 말해 봐요!  so far, here’s what i want to visit:

*in Seoul area:

  • the 5 Palaces of Joseon Dynasty
  • the Blue House (if possible)
  • Dongdaemun Market
  • Myeongdong
  • National Museum Of Contemporary Art
  • Performing Arts Cultural Center
  • Samsung museum
  • Seoul Tower
  • Suwong World Cup Stadium
  • Yong Dong Po Gu T-Shopping Mall

Seoul By Night

*outside Seoul:

  • Busan
  • Daegu
  • Daejon
  • Gapyeong
  • Gwangju
  • Incheon
  • Jeju Island
  • The Joint Security Area
  • visit other islands if possible

한라산, Mount Halla, Jeju Island

*what i want to experiment

  • the street food
  • the shopping and bargain
  • korean fast food
  • korean traditional food
  • take the train/bus to travel
  • go to the country side

i think i’ll need several visits to complete all this!!! ^_^

what do you think of my little list so far? what else is nice to visit in Korea???
또 뭐가 한국에 방문하는 좋은입니까??

this list is subject to change according to new ideas that would cross my mind! 😀

의견을 남겨주세요!

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