korean names…

I really enjoy discovering about Korean culture, i really do, but i have to say that there is one thing that i struggle a bit with: Korean Names. they are really confusing. not only they are not a lot of family names (I’ve heard about 250 existing among the population, compared to France for example, it’s over 1 million names that exist there which means in Korea a lot people have the same family name) but the first names too sometimes are so close… i get lost. you’ve checked out my list of favorites actors, right? so I know the faces but I am honestly able to remember the names of only a few. to make the list, i add to search in the actors database to find out their names. Ha Ji Weon, Hyeon Bin, Lee Na Young, Kim Nam Gil… those are among the ones i can remember.

I’ve heard that there are names only for women and names for men but I can’t really figure them out except from Yuna. I’m pretty sure it’s a girl’s name. if any one could explain to me that would be great!

correct me if I’m wrong but up to this point, i figured out that names containing “Eun”, “Na” and “Kyeong” are more likely to be a part of a girl’s name and “Cheol”, “Ho” and “Hyeon” more likely to be part of a boy’s name but it has been confirmed to me that sometimes boys have girly names and girls have boyish name so basically, i can never really be sure of the gender unless i see that person! lol

also some names are so similar it’s easy to be mistaken. Hong Suk, Hong Seok, Su Hyeon, Su Kyeong…
don’t get me wrong, i remember the names of the people i meet… most of the time but i must admit it’s pretty confusing…


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