goal set!..

i learn korean since december 2010 but with more will since spring 2011. i’ve decided to set a goal for myself: i have until December 2012 to be fluent in Korean!!!

december 2012 will set a 2 year limit and i think it is good for me to keep a high interest and study regularly.
you all know that to say someone master a language, you have to read it, write it, speak it and understand it equally. since i can read and write and i know the basic grammar rules, i decided to focus more on conversation as i found it is an obstacle for me now. despite things are clear in my head, whenever i open my mouth, only mumbling and stuttering come out!.. i need to solve this problem.

i will study korean with more outloud reading and sentence repeating, plus, i’ve decided to meet a korean at least once a week for 1 hour minimum. i hope all this will help.

of course the best for me would be to visit Korea but since my pockets are empty…

will report my progress soon…


의견을 남겨주세요!

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