Baker King Kim Tak Ku TV Special

When I clicked on play for the first time, I wasn’t really too sure about what it would be like as melodrama is not what I like the most bust I must say this drama just blew me away. the story was solid, the acting was great, the emotions were all there… It was ranked #1 in Korea, with almost 51% of audience rating at its peak!!! this is really a great piece of art…
It’s not so much about romance but secrets, betrayal, conspiracy, vengeance and overcoming obstacles… The symbolic of bread is also quite interesting… I love Jun In Hwa‘s performance as the jealous mother, she’s great. and Kim Tak Ku is an awesome character. Ma Jun’s character is very childish and annoying. He’s the character I like the least. Yu Kyeong ending up with Ma Jun is understandable considering their respective past. Great acting from all actors…
If you haven’t seen it, you should watch it!!!^^

Kim Tak Ku TV Special


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