I’m Back At It!

Hello everybody!

These past few months have been hectic for me and I’m barely recovering from all this madness only to come across new issues. I had put my Korean studies on ice for a while and as a result, I lost a lot of confidence and stopped talking. Although I understand Korean better, my brain keeps being frozen when it comes to express myself. I’m working on breaking this pattern and find my confidence back. My goal was to be fluent by the end of this year but considering the over 6 month gap of no study or practice at all, I think it will be difficult to reach this goal. But here I have to mention one thing. There are 2 processes you have to develop in order to master any language. Reading/Writing on one side and Listening/Speaking on the other. Those 2 processes are completely different. I’d say that now my writing abilities are better that my listening comprehension.

However, I am definitely not giving up on learning Korean. Although the pronunciation and grammar can be difficult at times, I find this language so much fun I just can’t stop studying.

Wish me success!

아자! 아자!


의견을 남겨주세요!

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