Home cooked Korean food: BigMama

me want!!!


I just came back from Taiwan recently, and my first meal back in Singapore was not a plate of Fried Kuay Teow or Chicken Rice. Instead, i had Korean food!

Coincidentally, BigMama is located somewhere near where i found Tan’s Tutu before i left for Taiwan. To be very honest, i couldn’t take this restaurant seriously. I mean, with a name like BigMama, i was half expecting some sort of mediocre attempt at Korean food! But to my surprise, i found myself sitting among Koreans, a clear indication that you’re eating the real deal here.

I was there with my bro and mother, and we got the two most recommended dishes- Dakgalbi/Spicy Grilled Chicken and Suyuk/Boiled Pork .



Just like every Korean restaurant i’ve been to, you’ll be served a variety of starters such as Kimchi and other cold or pickled veggies; a prelude to something more delicious…

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