Plastic Surgery

Gyopo Keith

It’s aiin’t no secret that Korea is number 1 in the world for plastic surgery, but why? Now I’m not an anthropologist or some culture professor anything, but after having lived in Korea for a while and growing up with Korean family, made me come to this 4 part theory! It’s probably wrong, but I mean… dude can guess right?

1. Korea is crazy image centric. It’s crazy how many mirrors there are so that people can make sure they’re looking good (elevators, subway stations, etc.). Girls put on make up when they go to the supermarket, and even some Korean dudes put on make up. It’s crazy. And what better image can you get than through plastic surgery?

2. Korea is super competitive. That’s why there’s so many hagwons: for kids to be better than / keep up with the other kids. Everyone works really hard and tries to…

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