So What’s the Deal With This “BB” Cream Anyway?

Beauty and Brains

Lately all I have been hearing all about this BB Cream.  So I did my research.

The “BB” stands for blemish balm.  The whole obsession started in Korea and is starting to spread over the country.  We are just now starting to hear about it in America.  It was first created to help heal scars created by surgical procedures.  This intrigued me.  Having many surgeries myself, I am always looking for a way to get rid of those nasty scars.  Whoever started putting it on their face, haza to you; great idea. I know every time I see a beautiful Asian women I can’t help  but stare at their skin.  They somehow ALWAYS manage to keep it flawless.  Or do they?  Have they been keeping the secret of the magical BB Cream?  Have they been holding out on us this whole time?!  It was time I found out for myself.

Now me, myself, have only tried one. But I can say I have seen…

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