10 Reasons not to get an English teaching job in South Korea

Modern Seoul

10 bad Reasons to become a teacher in South Korea

This is an uncharacteristically negative post, it’s not meant to be a rant or because of any personal reasons. The list merely provides some honest 3rd party advance. Most of the information online about teaching in South Korea, English ESL teaching and E2 sponsored stuff, is from recruiters trying to find people for their roles. At the end of the day a recruiter wants to get you a job in Korea because that’s how they make money not because they think you’ll love it here in South Korea.

Many (if not most) people reading this will think none of these ten reason apply to them, if so great. Take the next step in your ESL teaching in South Korea path. However other may benefit and not make a mistake by coming to South Korea on the wrong pretense. The reasons are also generalized and are not focused on any school…

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