The Korean Grocery Store and Koreatown

Korea-Canada Blog

28 hours and 10 minutes. That is how long flying from Montreal to Seoul would require. More than a day of travelling, three planes and two layovers: definitely not a trip for the faint of heart, or someone suffering from severe motion sickness. You could luck out and get a faster flight of 18 hours and only one layover. Either way, hopefully you have better luck in scoring a ticket in business class, where you can spend most of the trip supine and not upright in the economy section of the plane. You would have to be terribly homesick to want to subject yourself to the latter, and pay anything more than $2000 for the privilege.
Yet, there is nothing like submerging yourself in Seoul once you arrive. The mad bustling crowd that is inescapable. It really doesn’t matter where you go: you will be surrounded by crowds. Then there’s…

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