Three reasons ARM Holdings just had an amazing quarter, and one reason investors should worry


In February, we told you that ARM holdings, the company that designs the chips that power just about every smartphone and tablet on the planet, had one of the best quarters of any technology company, ever—and this quarter, they’ve gone and beaten those results.

1. ARM’s revenue growth is bananas

Last quarter, ARM’s revenue was up 19.2% from the same time last year. This quarter, revenue is up 26% year-on-year. ARM’s total revenue was $263.9 million.

One way ARM makes money is by licensing its chip designs to companies like Apple and Samsung, who then turn those designs into customized microchips for iPhones and Galaxy phones and the like. ARM’s revenue from such deals was up 24% from a year ago, and represents roughly a third of the company’s revenue.

Another way ARM makes money is by charging smaller companies with more modest needs a per-chip royalty for…

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