Cafes in Seoul 1: Dr. Fish Cafe

I think I’d like to try that… Just to see how much of dead skin I have! haha

Korea-Canada Blog

The black and white photos of the Parisian cafes with rattan chairs may be so ubiquitous now that they have lost the feeling of romance that they are supposed to evoke. Still, Paris and cafe as an idea are as synonymous as French and baguette or Rome and Vespa.  Far away in the land of the rising sun, Seoul gives Paris a run for its money as a city of cafes. In fact, according to Wikipedia, Seoul boasts the highest concentration of coffee shops in the world, with over 10,000 cafes.

If Parisian cafes are universally recognizable for their rattan furniture, diversity may be the universal theme that these 10,000+ cafes in Seoul share. With so many unique and creative themes, setting itself apart from the legion seems to be the raison d’etre or a survival tactic of each one of these cafes.

Take Dr. Fish Cafe, for…

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