Paper face masks: A Korean beauty secret

I tried those and I love it! hehe

Korea-Canada Blog

They are hard to miss. From neighbourhood corner stores to luxury department stores, virtually everywhere you go in Korea you will see mounds of these. On the streets of busy shopping districts like Myongdong, sometimes they are even handed out for free.


These are facial masks, or face packs, which are disposable paper cloth masks, saturated with serums of any kind you can possibly imagine. Whether you want skin hydration, brightening, wrinkle fighting or pore tightening, you can bet there will be a paper facial mask designed to address your need. While some are higher-end brands with a higher-end prface_maskice tag, most of them are cheap, readily-available, and as well-ingrained into a Korean woman’s skin care regiment as drinking water and putting on moisturizer. Practically every Korean cosmetics company carries them as they can be an affordable introduction to their brand.

Last spring, the sky-high popularity of these paper face…

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