Montreal First Korean Film Festival

It’s gone. It’s good. It’s the first draught. It can be better. There were some issues but still it was enjoyable.
A couple of remarks I’d like to make. For one, not all the movies were shown at both places. Le Grand Chef was shown only at the Botanical Garden Auditorium and I missed it and the short film selection too so it forced me to cross the whole town to go see the projection. It was worth it though. The Host was also shown only there. I still wonder why. Then, they didn’t prepare any change so it was a bit of a mess to get the first tickets…


Overall, the film selection was good. Here are the actors with most appearances during the festival:
– If you were a fan of Ryu Seung Ryong, you were served as he was in 4 of the movies: Miracle in Cell #7, Masquerade, The Front Line and War Of The Arrows. He is one of my favorite Korean actors;
– With 3 appearances: Park Hae Il was in The Front Line, War of the Arrows and The Host;
Yu Yeon Seok featured in 2 of them: A Werewolf Boy and Architecture 101;
Oh Dal Su was in Miracle in Cell #7 and The Host;
Kang Eun Jin was in War of The Arrows and Pieta;
Yi Je Hun was in The Front Line and Architecture 101.

KFF Trailer

I personally attended 6 projections: Miracle in Cell#7, Architecture 101, Mother, A Werewolf Boy, Masquerade and the selection of short films. I enjoyed seeing interesting Korean movies on the big screen. It definitely forces you to be more attentive and appreciate more. I’ve been hesitating a lot about seeing Pieta or not and in the end I abandoned the idea. Because of everything that has been said about it and because of the late night screening, I believe it would be better for me to try it later on.

I hope next year it will be even better. ^___^

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