Time to Replace Korean Armistice with Peace Treaty

July 27th, 2013 is the 60th birthday of the signing of Korean War Armistice. Check out this interesting article.


from the terrific Christine Ahn, a Peace Action Advisory Board member

Published on Friday, July 26, 2013 by Common Dreams

After 60 Years of Suffering, Time to Replace Korean Armistice with Peace Treaty

Gen. W. K. Harrison, Jr., left table, signs the armistice ending the 3-year Korean conflict. On the right, North Korean Gen. Nam Il also signs documents. (Archive photo: Wikimedia commons)

Sixty years ago today, the United States, North Korea and China sat down to sign the Korean Armistice Agreement to “insure a complete cessation of hostilities.” Several provisions were to guarantee a peaceful settlement, including a permanent peace agreement, withdrawal of all foreign troops, and no new arms introduced into Korea. Six decades later, none of these have been honored. As such, war, not peace, defines the relationship between Washington and Pyongyang.

Official commemorations are now taking place throughout Korea and United States, mostly…

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