LG creates a Quad HD smartphone screen, but why?

WOW, technologically speaking, that is amazing but what is the use? I recently got myself an S3 after so many years with a dumb phone and I was amazed by the screen definition. I don’t think there is really a need for that kind of small screen but if they want to do it…


Great news if you’re addicted to pixels: LG has developed what it calls the world’s first Quad HD display for smartphones! The new 5.5-inch screen boasts a 2560 x 1440 resolution, which works out to a whopping 538 pixels per inch. By comparison, Apple’s first retina display handset, the iPhone 4, debuted with 326 pixels per inch. Congratulations are in order for LG’s achievement, but does the market need a small screen with so many pixels?

LG quad HD screen

LG seems to think so. In its press release, it says this about the display:

“LG Display’s Quad HD panel for smartphones realizes clearer images with 4 times more pixels than HD at 1,280X720, thereby reproducing more delicate colors as well as improving contrast and vividness when compared to current mobile displays. This advancement will enable consumers to fully enjoy more life-like and crisp images, and even Blu-ray equivalent video, on their smartphones…

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