What is it like being a Korean adoptee who has just reunited with their birth family in Korea?

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Rok 'n Roll Radio

Today marks the beginning of the three-day Chuseok holiday in Korea, otherwise known as Korean Thanksgiving. This is a time where everyone goes back to their hometowns to celebrate with their families and pay respect to their ancestors. My sisters are visiting the rest of my family on Geoje Island today and sending me photos of their day. I can’t wait to see what my extended relatives look like!

I’m back in Brisbane now. I flew in on Tuesday morning and napped for most of the day and night. The only thing motivating me to go to work was the thought of photographing my cycling commute to send to Sister 3. I’ve been looking at my sisters’ profiles on the Korean social media app they use. Sister 3, like me, is an avid social media user and posts plenty of photos. She is conventionally Korean-pretty with pale skin, big bright eyes…

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