My Favorite Cafe in Insa-dong: 달새는 달만 생각한다

Accidental Adventurers

Hi everyone. 🙂

I see that Lauren has finally made a post! I’m very excited about her upcoming posts as well. She has travelled so much this past Summer and I can’t wait to see all the pictures!

In this post, I’d like to continue talking about Seoul.  A lot of younger generation tends to prefer Gangnam as the area to hang out and chill.  But for me, it’s always been Jong-Ro and Insa-dong area.  Since I have been away from Korea long enough (almost a decade!), whenever I come back to Korea, I always want to see more traditional and Korean things.  Insa-dong with its Korean-filled store signs and bits of traditional traces here and there…ah, my affection goes to Insa-dong.  There is a particular cafe that I always go to whenever I’m in the area.  The name of the cafe is even carries a little sentiment as well…

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