On Assignment

so similar to Israel

October, 2013—On assignment to produce a video for Coway, a global corporation established in Seoul 24 years ago that designs/manufactures state-of-the-art home wellness appliances.  In many ways, the company exemplifies the soul of South Korea.  
Seoul city hall park


South Korea is a miracle.  That is also said about Israel and for similar reasons. Survival is a big one.  From 1950 – 53 it was almost consumed by Communism, overwhelmed by the military might of the North in a surprise invasion.  Thanks to the United Nations, especially the U.S. Armed Forces, under the command of Gen. MacArthur the Communist North was pushed back to the original Military Demarcation Line, which still splits the country following a 1953 armistice agreement.  Israel fought back and survived a similar aggressive attack after WW II.   

 When the Korean War ended, Gen. MacArthur concluded, “Unless a miracle happens before us, it will take…

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