Eye Candy #3: Daniel Henney

Profession: Model, actor
Birth date: 28/nov/1979
Birthplace: Carson City, Michigan, United States
Height: 188cm
Weight: 72kg
Ethnicity: Father (American of British descent) and mother (American of Korean descent)
Official Website

Zegna_Daniel Henney (7) Zegna_Daniel Henney (6) senatus_mZVmje Daniel-Henney-23 Daniel-Henney-21 daniel-henney danielhbazaar1 daniel-daniel-henney-799361_1024_768 Daniel_Henney_for_MANIFESTO_By_Olivia_Tsang_2012_7 Daniel_Henney_09 2012060156642457 28dfe42a0e744d2255831dacec2001ff.wix_mp_1024Daniel-Henney tumblr_m6eno1joNz1rxghndo1_500 daniel-daniel-henney-799315_1024_768

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